Children Gear up for Scrumpty Sculpture Trail

Sneak peak of one of the top attractions…

Children have been enjoying a sneak peek of one of the top attractions on the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail ahead of its eagerly-awaited launch in Gloucester on Saturday.

Graphic designer Bryony Ball has been the centre of attention in King’s Walk shopping centre as she puts the delicate finishing touches to her intricate patterns on the fun character.

Bryony’s individual design, featuring a mosaic based on iconic sights around the city, is among 20 Scrumptys painted by local and national artists which will appear across the city at currently secret locations on Saturday morning.

Running until November 31 as part of Gloucester’s BiG Year, the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail will take followers on an exciting tour of the city’s impressive sights and neighbourhoods throughout the period of festivals and sporting tournaments.

Bryony, 27, from Bristol, said: “It’s been great chatting to people while I’ve been working on my Scrumpty and children have been getting very excited about it…

I wanted to do something which related to Gloucester and I decided to use a mosaic because of the city’s rich Roman heritage.

I have used crockery to put together abstract designs which features Gloucester Cathedral, the river and the docks.

I was interested in getting involved in the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail because I really like big-scale projects and interactive art.

I like community art projects like this that get people involved, that people can see and allows art to be accessible.

I’m planning to go on the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail and I’d encourage other people to go on it – it will be a nice thing to do.

Among the 20 sculptures will be a Scrumpty designed by Kingsholm Primary School pupils which won a county-wide schools competition.

14. Nerva - Scrumpty Sculpture Trail 2015
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