Scrumpty Trail Launch in Gloucester now only days away!!

Excitement is reaching fever pitch around Gloucester ahead of the much-anticipated launch of the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail which promises hours of fun for all the family.

After months of secrecy, the wraps will finally come off the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail when 20 uniquely designed 5ft models of the popular character appear at various sites around the city on Saturday morning

The colourful figures will take followers of the Sculpture Trail on an exciting adventure around the city, as part of Gloucester 2015: Our BiG Year.

Chief executive Jason Smith of Marketing Gloucester said: “This is a hugely exciting time for Gloucester and the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail is a perfect way to celebrate all that our wonderful city has to offer.

Scrumpty seems to have developed quite a following and I’m sure everyone will enjoy taking a magical mystery tour with him on the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail.

I’m sure everyone will have great fun using their best detective skills to find the various Scrumptys around the city and hopefully beating their friends and family in becoming the first to tick off all 20 of them.


As well as designs by local and national artists, one of the Scrumptys has been produced by children from Kingsholm Primary School as part of a competition run in conjuction with The Citizen.

The Scrumpty character takes his name from a combination of ‘scrum’, tying in with Gloucester’s strong rugby roots, and Humpty Dumpty of nursery rhyme tradition. According to Gloucester legend, Humpty Dumpty was the name of a new siege engine which was to be used during the English Civil War Siege of Gloucester in 1643.

On its first use, Humpty Dumpty collapsed, causing it to break apart, hence the famous nursery rhyme line “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.” 

Please spread the word :)


Download the Scrumpty Trail Map here!

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