Special Trix for Scrumpty on Sculpture Trail in Gloucester

Street artist Trix has come up with a surprise…

Street artist Trix has come up with a surprise ‘egg-stra’ special idea for the upcoming Scrumpty Sculpture Trail around Gloucester.

His unique design will be unveiled when the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail is launched on Saturday (August 1) as 20 eye-catching 5ft models of the lovable character sign post places around the city.

The Scrumpty designed by Trix is sure to attract significant attention when its currently secret location is revealed as it provides a slight twist on the original idea provoking debate about whether Scrumpty is an rugby ball or, in fact, an egg.

Describing his imaginative design, Trix said: “I came up with a few ideas and this is the one I decided to go for. I’ve enjoyed doing it, but it’s got messy once in a while!

The people who have seen it so far seem to quite like it – it’s certainly different. To me, Scrumpty is an egg, and what do you with an egg? You crack the top off it!

Firmly behind the Scrumpty Sculpture Trail, Trix will be among the thousands expected to enjoy the specially designed route around the city, as part of Gloucester 2015: Our BiG Year.

It’s great to be involved in a project like this in Gloucester,” he said. “There have been the models of gorillas and the Gromits in Bristol and I’m pleased we’re doing something similar with Scrumpty.

As well as designs by local and national artists, one of the Scrumptys has been produced by children from Kingsholm Primary School as part of a competition run in conjuction with The Citizen.

The Scrumpty character takes his name from a combination of ‘scrum’, tying in with Gloucester’s strong rugby roots, and Humpty Dumpty of nursery rhyme tradition. According to Gloucester legend, Humpty Dumpty was the name of a new siege engine which was to be used during the English Civil War Siege of Gloucester in 1643.

On its first use, Humpty Dumpty collapsed, causing it to break apart, hence the famous nursery rhyme line “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

1. Cracked - Scrumpty Sculpture Trail Gloucester 2015
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